Sustainable solutions

The world faces the greatest challenge and change since the Industrial Revolution - climate change - that has led to the green shift. Most companies and governments work on how to get sustainable solutions while maintaining earnings and outdated production - and business models. Fram Green Technology will work with industry and investors in this shift to create the best possible platform for the future at the intersection of profits and the environment.

Profits – planet – and people.

By combining expansive competence within capital markets, technology expertise and project management, Fram Green Technology is leading the way by increasing/escalating value in profits – planet – and people.

About us

Our approach is inspired by the merited Norwegian explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen and our logo resembles the jib and staysails of the polar vessel “Fram”. Their success was based on excellent planning and execution of their expeditions – a principle the members of the Fram Companies build our projects on.

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Our contribution to reaching the 2050 goals of  zero net carbon emissions, is  our global focus and industrial experience, combining environmental and societal targets with keen business development and focus.

Per Grieg Jr.
Chairman of the Board