What we do

Fram Green Technology AS is a competence and technology driven ESG investment platform. An industrial development company, with a midstream approach combining cutting edge technology and with extensive project and management experience.

Prospect evaluation and selection

Through a broad screening process based on incoming deal flow its first established if a potential project is within our main scope.

Thereafter our team of professionals evaluates each project on several individual criteria’s such as sustainability, technology, uniqueness, competition and profitability.

The most important criteria will however always be an overall assessment if Fram Green Technology could add enough value through a combination of capital and knowhow (partners, network, capacity, experience etc.) to generate a competitive edge relative to just adding financial capital.

Project Execution 

Aligned to the Develop – Build – Own – Operate project method, Fram Green Technology provides experienced project management, advice and support in these projects aiming at excellence in all stages of the project.

The success of the projects is founded in careful preparation, planning, project, contract and control management as the key elements.

Fram Green Technology also offer a complete execution model with templates adapted to the project. Utilization of several project managements tools and software for planning, tracking and transparency is imperative throughout the execution.

We are presently working in the following areas:

In the shift towards a renewable future wind will become a key contributor

Wind Power Solutions

Offshore wind has an enormous potential. Harvesting wind offshore has far more potential than onshore due to the stronger winds. This allows for higher potential of maximizing MW per installation, the turbine dimensions used offshore are twice the size compared to the ones in operation onshore.

The development of even larger turbine sizes is moving ahead fast. The largest onshore wind turbine is a 5.3 MW turbine, offshore there are now turbine sizes up to 9.5MW installed and in operation. In the Port of Rotterdam, a 12MW wind turbine has been installed on a test site which is sufficient to power 16 000 households. This turbine size is estimated to be ready for commercial production by the end of 2021 for the offshore market.

In the shift towards a renewable future wind will become a key contributor. Many of the highly populated areas and major cities in the world are located close to a coastline where land is a scarce commodity. Wind energy is an opportunity for several developing areas to become less dependent on the import of energy and gives the community control over their own energy source. This could even out some of the differences in the world today, which is one of the UN sustainability goals “Reduce Inequalities”.

Fram Green Technology AS with partners are presently working with several wind power entities, like: concept and FEED projects for new floating wind structures for the offshore wind industry, innovative sustainable installation methods offshore, wind to e-fuel concepts, and support to ongoing wind farm field developments.