Michael Stensrød Juuhl

M.Sc. Management, BI

Stensrød Juuhl has 25 years of combined experience from international finance and management.

Stensrød Juuhl's responsibilities have included the role as stockbroker, financial analyst,  corporate advisor, head of equities, investment manager, portfolio manager, board member and CEO.

He also has experience as a founder of various companies and has headed various companies as well as served on the board of directors  of companies of various size both private and public. Through this experience he has gained in depth knowledge of the  business development  process as well as management experience.


  • Portfolio Management
  • Investment strategy
  • Equities
  • Investment Banking
  • Management Strategy
  • Business Development


  • AquaFence
  • Pricer
  • Carnegie
  • Terra Fonds
  • Altura Invest